Friday, June 16, 2006

Sweet cherry

Another wonderful thing I learned about from Action Hero's blog, is this sweet little number called Cherry.

After a failed attempt to make the Eyelet Chemise by Therese Chynoweth using the Frog Tree Pima Silk I bought in Cannon Beach, I was determined to find something that would work for this yarn. When I saw Cherry, I was really hoping I could get gauge because it fit the bill - a simple yet interesting cardigan with short sleeves!

Here's what I got goin' on so far.
The Pima Silk is really nice, but not without its issues. It is really splitty, yet the plies want to stay together (if that makes sense). I just love how soft and silky it is. I wouldn't recommend it for patterns with k3togs or the like, simply because it is so darn splitty, but k2togs have been fine.

The ball band says 5 sts/inch on US #5, but I'm getting more like 5.5/5.75 sts/inch. Because of this, I'm using US 5s for the Cherry pattern, instead of the suggested US 6s. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink!

Jocelyn said...

I know this post goes way back, but I was just considering making the eyelet chemise, and I wondered whether it was the pattern or the yarn (or the two together) that didn't work for you. Did you ever end up making it?

Melanie said...

I was also wondering why it failed because I'm in the middle of making it and have hit a snag I'm trying to work out.

Jan said...

I actually ended up making it, using a different yarn - Rowan Calmer. See my post at

I didn't run into any problems with the pattern, so maybe I can help you out. What's the snag?