Monday, July 02, 2007

Another day in the wine country

Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK
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It was such a beautiful day on Saturday that we decided to head out to the wine country. Of course, I suggested a stop by Woodland Woolworks in Carlton. They were giving an extra 10% off all their clearance yarn, so why not have a look-see?

I started out with a lot more yarn in my bag, but after 45 minutes (yes, I have a very patient husband) I decided that I just really wanted more Yorkshire Tweed DK. I wanted to make another Electra vest, since I love my first one, only this time in a brown version. This will be a fall project, though, because it is going to hit the 90s soon. Yay!

As usual, we had lunch at Dundee Bistro. We actually tried to eat at our other favorite place, Red Hills Provincial Dining, but they weren't open for lunch. I had a very unusual interpretation of Coq au Vin that was really yummy, and we both had a glass of the 2005 Lange Reserve Pinot Noir - really, really yummy.

When I got home, I received an email from the folks over at Lint, one of my favorite yarn stores, located in the Pearl. Apparently, it is up for sale. I sooo wish I had the money to buy a yarn store, particularly one that I already like! But alas, I must remain a simple consumer.