Friday, November 30, 2007

Best Bzz so far!

I've been a BzzAgent for about a year and a half, and I've test-driven everything from candy bars to tequila, steam bags to tooth whiteners. But I tell ya, the latest campaign is the best one so far. They actually sent me the Sonicare toothbrush sanitizer! Since I'm a total and complete germaphobe, this was like Christmas. Now, I realize that you can't really know if it's working or not, but it can't make it any more germy, right?

The use of UV light as a sanitizer isn't very common here in the US, but I remember it being used in Japan when I visited about 10 years ago. My mom and I were at a temple in Kyoto, and there was some famous waterfall or something there. I think it was believed to have healing properties or something, because everyone waited in line to use a long-handled cup to scoop up some of the water to drink. I remember feeling grossed out about using a public drinking vessel, but my mom told me that the cups are santized with a UV light. I thought she was full of crap, just dishing out some crazy Japanese story so that I'd move a little faster through the line. Damn it, I guess she was right again.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elfin' away

I've been busy crankin' out the Christmas ornaments, and I think I've reached my limit for now. Here's what I've done so far. If I were a smarter picture-taker, I would have thrown in something like a quarter to aid in the visual gauge. The stockings measure about 6" from top to toe. Go from there.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed making the stockings. I was overjoyed to find the pattern written flat (vs in the round, which most sock patterns are), since I despise double pointed needles. Once I started, I couldn't stop making them! I literally went one after another and every few hours I would hold up another one for my husband and dogs to admire. I think they stopped being impressed, and I ran out of designs for the top, so I'm taking a break from them to concentrate on other things.

I started working on Oblique from knitty, because I'm in desperate need of warm sweaters to wear around the house. It isn't even December yet and they're thinking it might snow on Friday! I'm seriously pissed about this. I knew Oregon was rainy, but I was told it was a rare occasion that it snowed in the metro area. It has snowed every winter since I've lived here, and it's been getting colder earlier in the season as the years go on too. WTF?!!!! Is this some sick punishment for all us Californians moving in or what? Anyhow, this is the time of year that the complaint meter shoots into overdrive. My husband is aware of this, so he puts up with my endless rants and general sour demeanor during the November-March months. And he better, too, because he's the one who told me all of these lies ('when I was a kid, it only snowed every other year, and it usually melted before it hit the ground...'). Uh huh. Sure. LIES!!!
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