Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Forgive me, I'm not feeling well

I've been doing a lot of knitting and crocheting over the last week, but I started feeling icky the last couple days so I haven't posted anything about it. It was just too nice a day not to take advantage of the sunlight, so I thought I should take pics while I can (we practically live in a dungeon).

The weekend before last we stopped by Commuknity, a new yarn store that opened up in San Jose. I'd heard about it from the Bay Area Knitters ring, and was excited to check it out. It's much bigger in space than I expected, and they could certainly hold way more yarn in there if they wanted to. I liked the structure of the place a lot - it had a cool warehousey feel to it, kinda like the Pearl district in Portland or Yaletown in Vancouver.

Anyhow, I ended up buying the yarn, pattern, and a new hook for a crochet bag called the Pouch Bag. I saw the sample in the store and loved it. I really was hoping it wasn't done in Euroflax linen (because I got callouses when I used it to knit another bag for my sister), but of course it was Euroflax. I thought perhaps because it was crochet maybe it wouldn't be so bad, so I bought the materials. Besides, I LOVED the yarn I got - Barcelona in this cool mutli colored mix.

Bottom of the Pouch Bag in Euroflax Barcelona (sorry for the lack of focus)
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I paused this project because the mesh started to bore me. I recently won a bunch of yarn on eBay and wanted to knit something with it. I was itching to do some pattern work, so I chose a baby sweater because it's small enough that I can finish it before I get bored of that as well! It is based on a pattern from the latest Knitty, but instead of cables I used a combination of knit/purl patterns - checkerboard, double diamonds, and a tree pattern. I kept the modified seed stitch pattern down the center because it looked really cool.

Back of baby sweater in Baruffa Maratona
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