Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holiday Summary

It was a long and crazy busy holiday season, and so much happened that I just didn't have time to stop and blog about it. I'm sure I wasn't alone. Instead of trying to discuss in detail all the (mostly) wonderful things that transpired, I've decided to list a summary of the highlights, the more noteworthy events, if you will.

*Redecorating my office. Painted the walls a spring green, with one contrasting wall of petal pink. It looks like a little girl's room, but I think it makes for a really cheery craft room. I'm still in the process of getting some finishing touches, new lamps and whatnot, so I'll post a pic when it's officially done.

*Reaching a point where we can make a trip to IKEA, get what we need in less than hour, and not feel compelled to snarf down a plate of meatballs.

*Watching Roomba do my chores for me. I finally wised up and got one of these! I'm surprised it works as well as it does, but I only wish it could somehow go up the stairs, clean the toilets, start and fold my laundry, and cook me some dinner.

*Admiring my new Kitchenaid coffee grinder next to my existing array of Kitchenaid products - food processor, stand mixer, and blender, none of which are the same color. I have coordination issues.

*Doing a side by side comparison of regular vs. European style butter in baked goods by making 2 batches of __ tea cakes. I'll let you fill in the blank with whatever name you go by for these yummy cookies - Russian, Mexican, wedding, who cares... they're good! BTW, the European butter tasted better, was more tender, but was a total bitch to work with (so fragile coming out of the oven that it was really hard to toss them in the powdered sugar without them breaking!).

*Hosting the family at our house for a holiday dinner for the first time. We're all growns up now! The in-laws brought my favorite Christmas treat, the Yule Log from Baker and Spice.

*Fondling my Handmaiden Camelspin and Lady Godiva yarns, which came along with a new Lexie Barnes bag.

*Tasting something new and "interesting" - tomato flavored Japanese candy. Since I don't read Japanese, I went by the picture on the package and thought it was apple. I do not recommend this product, unless you have a thing for ketchup/tomato paste in candy form.

*Lovin' my new sticky notes.

*Last but not least, my favorite highlight: Snow on Christmas day! Yes, I love every opportunity I get to complain about the fact that I was told this was a rare occurence. While very, very cold, snow does make for a pretty side effect of mind-numbingly chilly weather. This was Fergie's first encounter with the white stuff, so of course, like any good parent, we whipped out the camera and took some shots as well as a short video. She loved the snow, and didn't quite get why we thought she needed the jacket - she thought the temperature was fine!

Then it was big brother Gibson's turn to head out. He's much more of a puss when it comes to the cold, so he has a nice thick puffer jacket on. You look pretty bad ass, dude.