Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Am I doing it wrong?

I don't know why I continue to take on crochet projects when it causes me so much pain. I think I refuse to believe I have a problem. Am I doing it wrong or something? Every time I crochet, I get incredible muscle soreness on the undersides of my forearms. That would be so sad if it was because I'm THAT out of shape!

So, progress has been slow on the Pouch Bag. I only do about 2 rounds a day, if that, but it has been increasingly difficult because the pattern is so boring. Usually, I enjoy having a mindless project to work on while watching TV, but since it's summer there's absolutely NOTHING on. I can't believe how much crap there is out there to fill the grid space!

Pouch bag in Barcelona linen yarn is progressing slowly....
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I finished the baby sweater, sans buttons. I need to go get some, but since it's just something I worked on for fun (and not for any baby in particular), there's no rush to hit Jo-Ann. I think it could go either way (boy or girl), so perhaps I'll wait until it gets matched with a baby and choose the buttons accordingly.

I'm totally on this baby sweater kick right now. I don't know any babies to knit for, but I find myself wanting to knit mini-sweaters. It's got all the qualities that I look for in a project: fast knit, pattern changes occur more often, the dreaded finishing is over faster, and the golden key - it takes less yarn and is therefore, cheaper with less monetary commitment.

I really want to start another baby item, so I think I'll hit the books today. I meant to do so yesterday, but honestly, it was so hot that I couldn't do much of anything. The thought of holding yarn in my sweaty hands grossed me out, so what did I do? Played Ratchet and Clank, of course!