Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today's topic: Rowan

Last month, I finally caved in and decided to renew my Rowan International membership. Then a few days ago, I got a surprise visit from the UPS guy. He delivered a thickly padded envelope, which included some papers. I mean, I like getting packages and all, but isn't it overkill to send a couple pamphlets and a letter via UPS?

Speaking of packages, I also got a delivery from all the way across the pond (and the country!). I bought several skeins of the discontinued Rowanspun DK from Cucumberpatch. I thought it would be nice for the Electra vest from Rowan 38, but now that I see the yarn in person, it's a little on the thin side. We'll see.

I also started finishing the Wicker sweater. I sewed up the shoulders and knit the neckband, and now I'm thinking it looks really cute as a sleeveless number. I know, I know. After painfully trudging through endless ribbing on the sleeves, I'm suggesting of scrapping them all together. Can you blame me? It's hot out there! Opinions welcome.