Monday, November 20, 2006

Blankies and Christmas

This year, I decided to finish up some UFOs I had sitting around from last winter. One of the successful completions is the Blizzard shawl from Scarf Style. It is a crocheted shawl, but I think it's more of a blankie because it's quite dense.

After a failed attempt to knit a vest with some Knit Picks' Sierra, I decided to turn it into Blizzard because I realized that the color I chose, Fog, was just too flat and boring for a vest. It needed texture, and what better way than to crochet!
I can't remember excactly, but I think I used 4 skeins to make this. Oh, and don't mind the little Ugly dolls... they tend to gravitate toward warm blankies and they love having their picture taken!
If you have a TV or have been anywhere outside your house lately, you know that Christmas is almost upon us. I have been knitting mini sweaters and a stocking based on the pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. Once I make enough, I am either going to turn them into ornaments for the tree, or I'm going to make a holiday mobile to hang in some random spot.

I like coming up with variations for the sweater, but as you notice, I only made one stocking so far. Why? Because you knit them on size 0 needles! Listen, size 0 is waaaay too small for a person, and it's also waaaay too small to knit. As with a size 0 person, these needles are like toothpicks and I feel like I'm going to break them! I know, I know, the end result looks pretty darn cute though. So, I will make more stockings until my teeeny weeeny needles break. Quick! Someone get a burger for my size 0 needles! Posted by Picasa