Thursday, May 12, 2005

Why don't I ever listen?

All the little tips I've heard over the years from fellow knitters, I somehow think of as "motherly advice". Which means, I'm likely not to listen to it (rebel that I am).

You know when your mother tells you to do something, and you know she's right, but you don't listen and later regret it? That's how I feel about that extra ball of yarn I didn't buy.

One side of the front for Tigger nearly gobbled up 1 ball, so I'm worried I'll run out of yarn! It does, however, look and feel grrrreat!

Tigger cardi
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I'm a few inches done with the back, and about to run out of ball #2. I don't see how the other 3 balls will complete the back, front, and 2 sleeves! Yeesh. I'll have to place another order, hope it's the same dyelot, and give myself a spanking.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Knit, rip, repeat

I worked on the Tigger sweater last night and as I'm going along, I started thinking Gee, I know this is for a toddler and all, but this looks really small.

I decided to cross-check the measurements with other sweater patterns to see if it was written at a normal size. Based on other knitty patterns, Tigger seems to be on the small side, with chest measurements at 23-25" for sizes 2-3 respectively. All the other sweaters for size 2-3 came up with chest at around 28-30" on average, which was the measurement I was most concerned with.

So, I'm gonna go ahead and rip out what I've done so far (one front side), and start over using the pattern for size 4, which is written for chest at 27" and length at 15". It still seems kinda small, but I can't really go any bigger since I didn't purchase the extra ball you're supposed to buy. Tsk, tsk. And to think, it would have only been another $2.97!

Oh, and I'm using the same colors as in the pattern, which are gorgeous! The Zen Colors is especially beautiful, though I don't like its rough texture and I'm not a fan of ribbon/tape yarn (the twisting drives me insane).

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I haven't posted that much lately because...well... I'm a total slacker! Besides, not much has been going on. I'm almost done with my blankie. It's starting to get heavy, so I know it's time to bind off. Just a few more rows while I watch the finale of The Amazing Race. Ugh, I just know Rob and Amber will win. Annoying.

I've also started a new "real" project. After meeting our friend's 2 year old daughter at a wedding recently, I just knew I had to knit her something. I decided to make Tigger from the knitty archive. When Skacel Luxor was on sale at Herrschner's last week for $2.97, I jumped right on it.

I just cast on yesterday, and had to go up a needle size to US 9 in order to get gauge. Even at that, the fabric produced is rather tightly knit so that it feels pretty hearty. I think that was on purpose, as it is for a toddler. So far, I'm loving this yarn! It's really soft, the colors are beautiful and change slightly for visual interest, and it's a quick knit (always a plus for someone with a short attention span like me!). I'll post pics once there's more progress to show.

Another thing I'm working on is planning out two upcoming trips. We want to take a short trip in the middle of summer, and another longer trip to British Columbia in September. We're still undecided about the exact location of the short trip, but we're thinking somewhere in the desert - either Phoenix area or Vegas. We're part of the small population that enjoys 100+ degree weather (dry heat). Good for us, that means low season rates at the Four Seasons!

We know we're going to Whistler to check out the new Four Seasons, and the idea was to tack on a few days for Vancouver Island to see Victoria and maybe Salt Spring Island. Problem is, I can't seem to find a hotel that suits us. I know we're some of the pickiest people around when it comes to lodging, but when you value sleep as much as we do, it kinda makes sense.

I'm starting to think we'd be happier if we just hung out in Vancouver and stayed at the Opus. At least we know what we'd be getting, and we absolutely love the city. I just feel like I need to explore new territory, and we've never been to any of the BC islands. I know, poor me...