Thursday, April 05, 2007

Calm down

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With the BIG Europe trip coming up, it's been a very stressful time around here. Nothing better to soothe the soul than Rowan Calmer. I've been working on Elspeth from Magazine #37. The knitting was very fast, and thankfully I didn't run into much confusion over the lace pattern because I read up on the problems others had. Do a little research first, and you'll be fine.

The part that's taking me forever is the crochet edging. I really am not having a good time with this, but I like that it is helping the edges from curling. In order to speed up the process, I'm doing the picots with 2 sc (dc in UK-speak) in between. Since it's not done yet, I'm only offering a partial picture of it.

Now that I'm totally addicted to knitting with Calmer, I ordered more of it in the same color, Laurel, which I love. This is on sale at eBay, though I think it's running out fast. I went to my LYS to pick up the Calmer Collection book, and I also got Lace Style for kicks.

Oh, and we had a nice time in Vegas last week, but our pics are so incredibly dark and generally bad that it's not worth sharing. Suffice it to say, the Four Seasons ROCKS and the staff is so amazingly wonderful. Also notable - our 7 course meal with wine pairing at Aureole was excellent!