Friday, August 10, 2007

Notty knitting

Notting hill closeup
Originally uploaded by knitterj
Here's a taste of the Notting Hill vest I'm currently working on. It's done in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran, in the color Thorny. It looks very brown in this pic, but really it is a dark mossy green-brown.

I decided to do a cable project (after my short moment of lace-obsession), because I haven't done it in a while. Unless you consider the pattern in Cherry a cable, of course.

Not much else is new besides this. Tonight we're heading out for dinner to celebrate my husband's cousin's birthday, then tomorrow morning we're going to get a first-hand look at how pizza dough is made at Apizza Scholls. I can't wait!

Then next weekend we're off to Boise to see my husband's sister get married. I'm already planning on restarting the Boteh Scarf that failed miserably during my Europe trip. I didn't know about the errata then, so after 3 repeats I realized that something was really wrong but didn't know what (it couldn't be me!). It went back into the Ziploc for the rest of the trip and I worked exclusively on Cherry. Good thing all the airports allowed knitting needles onboard! Well, "allow" might be a strong word... they just didn't do anything about it. If anyone is curious about this, I carried on bamboo needles through Portland, Chicago, Manchester UK, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, Nice, and London Heathrow. Damn, that was a lot of airports!