Monday, July 03, 2006


After taking a few days to mull over how I was going to proceed with the failed Cherry sweater, I decided that I couldn't decide. Most likely, I will just frog it and knit something else. The yarn is so nice to work with that I don't think I will mind spending more time with it.

Yeah, I was a little disappointed, so I thought the perfect thing to cheer me up would be a small, fast project. I love knitting baby clothes, and found the absolute perfect sweater for our friends' baby due in October. His name is Kai, which means "ocean" in Hawaiian, so the sailboat sweater from Adorable Knits for Tots seemed fitting.

My LYS, The Knitting Bee, was giving 20% off all red, white, and blue yarns for the holiday weekend. I picked up part of the colors needed for the project. They didn't have all the colors, but it was a start.

I really wanted to start knitting it up, so I was on the hunt for the other colors. I headed over to lint, and they had the dark blue and yellow. Now I just need a green!

I also got the yarn needed to make the Eyelet Chemise I'd been wanting to make for a while. I chose Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy in the color White Beach, a great neutral color. I was lucky enough to play with a swatch before buying this yarn, because it was one of the samples from the Yarn-of-the-Month club. I hope it works out! Posted by Picasa