Monday, June 05, 2006

Back from the farm

This past weekend, we went to the wine country and stayed at a neat little Bed and Breakfast on a goat farm. It was so great to finally get out of the house - the first overnighter since we moved here in September! The day started out a bit rainy, but it got better as it went on.


First, we had lunch at the Dundee Bistro. I had the rockfish served in a delicious saffron/tomato broth. Excellent place to stop if you're in the area. Then, it was on to do some wine tasting! We hit Lange Winery, one of our favs in the area. Then we went to Erath, which is one of the pioneer wineries in Oregon. We picked up several bottles between both.


One of the more interesting aspects of the trip was the Abbey Road Farm B&B, where we stayed. The rooms are actually inside of these silos, which I didn't think Mike would want to do because he has a strange fear of silos. But, it really doesn't look anything like a silo inside.


Being a goat farm as well, they had a lot of silly goats and lots of other farm animals. When we pulled up, I was really excited to see the donkeys and the chickens (my favorites!). They also had a few alpacas, sheep, dogs, and of course - the requisite guard llama. Their llama looked pretty friendly, but I wasn't going to push it.


It was such a nice place to get away. The B&B didn't have TVs, and I thought I'd go bonkers, but I just relaxed and played a little Sudoko. I brought along the crochet bag I'm working on, but I didn't have time to work on it. So, another blog entry sans knit/crochet.

PS - Just wanted to say Hi and Thanks to my Secret Pal, who's been sending me ecards over the past week! I just wanted to let you know that I did go and have a doughnut on Friday (per your suggestion). We went to Krispy Kreme and the "Hot Now" sign happened to be on, so we got a free hottie. And I also got a Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles! Thanks so much for thinking of me - I really enjoy getting your ecards, especially ones that tell me to go eat a doughnut! Posted by Picasa