Thursday, March 10, 2005

Oh, good lord...

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to come up with the "Martha" poncho:

The knock-off poncho
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Didn't they get the memo that ponchos are out?!! At least Martha was incarcerated, what's Herrschners' excuse?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Now you're just showing off

As an early anniversary gift, we got a new digital camera. It's the Canon PowerShot A95. I still haven't learned how to use the darn thing properly, but I've been having fun testing it out!

And look what showed up in the mail today - the yarns from my Yarn of the Month club:

March Yarns of the Month: Top row, 2nd Time Cotton from K1C2 and Nature Wool Chunky from Araucania; Bottom row, Cotton Stria from Manos del Uruguay and Sari Silk from Yarnexpress
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Since it finally stopped raining, there is better natural light indoors for taking pictures of my progress on the blue mouline sweater. I know they are still pretty crappy, but it's our lame, dark house (not the new camera).

Update on the "Sweater with Round Yoke", halfway there!
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Close up of the vertical eyelet detailing
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Over the weekend, I roasted the Brazilian peaberry coffee. I was really surprised how much I like this stuff, especially since I usually prefer blends. It is really complex for a single origin coffee. Perhaps due to the uneven roast? Some of the beans were a little charred, while others looked like they barely left first crack. I pulled out the obvious "black sheep" of the roast, still leaving a wide range of roast in there:

Brazil Peaberry - Brauna Estate. Roasted using the i-Roast at Tom's suggested profile stopped 7:28 short
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And it was such a lovely day that I planted some tomato seedlings, my first attempt at anything beyond forcing bulbs. These are the yummy Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes that are so great on salads. I really hope they turn out like the picture, but I'm worried - I think they should have been in separate containers, but Mike insisted they would be fine together. We shall see...

Dear tomato seedlings, Please grow up big and strong so that I can eat your fruit. Love, Mom
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Last but not least, I had to show off our crazy lemon tree that is promising a future full of lemonade, lemon bars, and lemon cake. Folks, you're only seeing one side of the tree. I know this is perfectly normal for California, but let's consider that during the 3 years we lived in Texas, we yielded *one* friggin' lemon from our Meyer lemon tree, so I'm full of cheer over all this free fruit!

Abnormally large lemons, which we jokingly call "Fairchild" lemons (referring to the former semiconductor company that leaked toxic material into the local ground)
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