Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Our newest member of the flock

We survived 3 days at Disneyland, and a very "festive" wedding. Yeah, I gotta hand it to the Filipinos - they really know how to party! I think the last 5 days were the longest I have gone without knitting since I learned. I couldn't believe it, but there is life outside of knitting (barely)!

On the way back down to the OC from LA, we stopped in Long Beach to browse around Belmont Shore. We started heading to the beach when this crazy-ass chicken caught my eye in the window of a store. I had to ask about it, and discovered that it was made out of plastic soda pop labels from South Africa. I'm a sucker for the unusual, so I had to have it of course. There were worries that it might confuse the security folks at the airport, but it passed without incident.

I've named our new friend Nelson, after Nelson Mandela. I think he's a fine fowl and I'm happy to welcome him to our flock!

Recycled soda pop labels turned into a chicken!
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Coke light? Yeah, it's from South Africa, alright.
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