Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nothing to see here, folks

It's been forever since I've posted because nothing terribly interesting has been going on. Eh, it's not like anyone reads this thing anyway... hahaha!

I haven't knitted in over a week. Major slump. I stopped working on the Tigger cardi because I know I don't have enough yarn to finish it, and I just spent a load on some eBay purchases, so I can't afford to buy the yarn to complete the project.

Also, I HATE knitting sleeves. It's always an uphill battle, with all those increases, every row takes longer than the last. Mentally, I can't handle it. I'm just that way - impatient. Add to that, the fact that I can't finish it anyway... and you have yet another UFO.

So what have I been up to? STILL planning our fall trip! I had our Canada thing all worked out, with all the hotels, air, and even the ferry schedules. Then one day last week, I stumbled across a link on American Airlines that mentioned something about added flights to Ireland. I seriously have no idea why I clicked on it, since I've never had any interest whatsoever in Ireland.

I quickly realized that there are some really nice, affordable places to stay there. Key word being "affordable". Compared to the rest of Europe, the standards in Ireland seem fairly high for what you pay for. Sure, some places are WAY spendy and according to TripAdvisor (my travel bible), not worth the money, but for the most part there are some great looking places in our price range.

More clicking drew me in, as I saw how beautiful the countryside is there. Now, I realize in October it will probably rain every day and a good deal of the scenery will be shrouded in fog, but that's okay. I'm much more tolerant of rain than I used to be. It's the gloominess that I'm worried about - I like sunshine! But apparently the people are friendly, so perhaps their cheeriness and humor will make the trip worthwhile.

We plan to fly in and out of Shannon airport. We want to hit The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher, Dingle peninsula, Ring of Kerry, the southern coast to Kinsale/Cork/Cobh, then on to Caher/Cashel, and back through Limerick to Shannon airport. All this in 8 days/7 nights. It's definitely a driving trip, so a comfy car is a must (especially with my sore back). It'll be quite the adventure driving on the left - not me personally, but as a passenger. I hope we don't die.

We're so close to booking the trip. Once I'm done with all this intense research, maybe I'll finally get back to knitting. This trip planning has seriously been a full-time job for me. I really get into it, reading about everything and participating in forums, asking questions. It's been fun, but I'm ready to finalize things!

I'm happy to say that we did book our Scottsdale trip. We both really wanted to soak up some desert sun. 100+ degree weather... I can't wait!