Monday, February 18, 2008

Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks...

Well, yesterday was my 35th birthday, but since I'm still recovering from a bad encounter with a fish (he apparently didn't like me eating him), I've been resting up at home. And yeah, it's rough being home after a week in Hawaii!

My husband baked me a pink cake!

I got a new phone, preloaded with a pic of my little girl!

And I got a dressform!

We didn't go too overboard with the souvenirs, but I just had to get this cool pineapple shaped wooden bowl. Also purchased (but not in the pic) were a couple boxes of Original Hawaiian Chocolate, which we visited on our trip - a very interesting and tasty tour. Also highly recommended is the VIP coffee tour conducted by Mountain Thunder. This was the best Kona coffee we tasted, and the people are really nice!
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