Monday, June 12, 2006

Grrr... BAD blogger!

I've been trying to post a few blog entries over the last few days, but blogger has been misbehaving lately. Thankfully, not much has been going on, just the usual rants and raves.

Rant of the day - I'm still upset over Roger Federer's loss at the French Open. I was really pulling for the guy, and I don't care what the win would have meant - I still think he's the greatest tennis player of all time.

Rave of the day - I finally finished the little crochet bag for the wedding! I made it a tad bigger than in the pattern, because I wanted it to be able to hold a travel pack of Kleenex tissues (I've been known to cry at weddings). I also made a different flower because I thought the one in the pattern was too simple. Here's the one I chose - thanks Melissa! I'm thinking of placing a nice button in the middle, just to dress it up a bit more.

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