Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New additions

I got a call from my sister on Saturday, informing me that there was some sort of yarn conference (Stitches wannabe) going on in Oakland. Having realized that we had no plans for the weekend, we decided to make a day in the East Bay (hey, that rhymed!).

I'd been wanting to get my beloved Wayne Thiebaud posters dry mounted for some time now. With the possibility that we may leave the area soon, I wanted to get it done at the only place I know and trust - The Reprint Mint in Berkeley. And as luck would have it, we're going to be back in Berkeley for Ann's 30th birthday party on Friday, the very day the finished products will be ready for pick up!

So, after a quick stop to drop off the prints, we headed to the yarn conference. Yay. I love downtown Oakland. So safe, so lovely smelling when it's 90 degrees. But, I digress...

Though the market wasn't as good (or as large) as the one at Stitches, there was a good variety of handspun/hand dyed yarns. I don't like going to these special events and coming away with stuff I could have bought at my LYS or online. I go for the unusual items, the things I would have never even known about. And it's cool when the person who spun and dyed the yarn is standing right there in the booth, talking about the process.

I was torn between two spinners' yarns, but ended up leaving with these two skeins from Carolina Homespun. Why? Because I loved the colors and they were worsted/bulky weight. Oh, and they're super-soft.

Blue Moon Spinnery yummy yarns
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