Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hip hip hurray!

It's a freakin' miracle. I actually finished something. Granted, there was very little finishing involved with Anouk, but still. I'm really pleased with the results, though I still need to put buttons on it. No hurry on that, though, since it's not going to anyone in particular. Finding buttons will require taking the item to the store and making a perfect match. I'll be more motivated to do that once there's an actual baby involved. Anyone know a newborn girl?

Anouk completed (almost)!
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The Cascade Pima Melange is really soft, though my only gripe would be that it did tend to come un-twisted, so I was constantly twisting the yarn back into shape. Having it in your hands, feeling the softness between your fingers, it instantly made me feel at ease in this time of stress and anxiety (we're waiting for some BIG news). Mom-in-law knows what I'm talking about.

As you can see, I also changed the color scheme from the original pattern. I wanted the main body color to be reddish pink, so I chose color number 195. I also switched out the flower color, and turned that into yellow number 295. I think they work well together!

Closeup of the flower pockets
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Mom in law said...

I love your latest creation. We have a couple of potential girl babies coming up..Krista's friends..Sarah's brother Adam and his wife and Krista's friend Megan just announced she is preggers! SO..Mom-in-law might want to purchase it!
Looking forward to talking to you SOON! :)