Saturday, January 29, 2005


I just got the sweetest surprise - an e-card from my Secret Pal! And how fitting that I should wake up this morning, NO COFFEE in the house, and see a bunch of dancing coffee cups taunting me with their liquid elixir! Heeheehee, it was super cute and I appreciate the thought. Thanks SP!

It's rare that we'd run out of coffee because I'm usually very diligent about either roasting some, or going to get it at Peet's, but it was raining cats and dogs yesterday so I let Mikey take the car. So why did I not roast? Well, since I just got the i-Roast, I had to run several experimental roasts and ended up using all of my good coffee, the Sumatra and Sulawesi that I love so much. Unfortunately, Sweet Maria's is out of the Sulawesi so I'm waiting until they get it to place my next order. The last two weeks we've reverted to buying store-bought :-0 coffee and I must say, my stuff's pretty damn good for being a fraction of the cost (not counting the machine, thanks Mom!).

Anyhow, I just sent Mikey to get us some joe and a couple of bagel sandwiches from Noah's. We gotta energize up for the day because we've got a lot to do! I wanted to hit the yarn stores today to see if I can find something for my SP - she's into Fair Isle, which automatically earns my respect. Anyone who can knit several colors at a time, keep them from getting tangled, AND follow a pattern has really got some MAD skills, I tell ya.

I also wanted to check out the other colors for Rowan Plaid yarn. Someone is selling several packs on eBay and since I enjoyed working with the one ball for that scarf, I wanted to bid but didn't know which color I liked best. I thought I could perhaps "assist" my husband in the purchase of my birthday present. You know how that goes - "here honey, this is what you got me" - and they're so glad they didn't have to think or go shopping!

We also need to go to Fry's to get some nerdy thing that has to do with getting the data off my old hard drive. I have no idea, I just tag along and hang out in the video game section while Mikey's off doing his thing. It's the same thing at yarn stores - he usually waits in a corner and plays a game on his cell phone and I'll come by to ask his opinion on colors.

Oh, and before I forget, I completely finished my Amy vest last week (argyle stitching and all) but I can't get the photo off the card until I get my computer running again. I guess mine was the only one that had the correct reader or something. But it is complete, and although it's a little big, I really like it a lot.

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