Friday, September 15, 2006

Something's fishy...

 Can you believe it... another FO!! This is the original sweater I started knitting for Kai, and I love it so much more that I think I'll send this one (even though he can't wear it for a while).

This is the Ship Ahoy! sweater from Adorable Knits for Tots by Zoe Mellor. There have been many complaints about errata throughout this book, but if you are a careful knitter you should be able to spot them easily before you run into trouble. At least, that was my experience from this pattern. I think the weirdest thing was increasing for the sleeve on every 3rd row, which means you have to increase on the WS sometimes. I'd never done M1s on the purl row, so I guess I learned something new!

I used Rowan Cotton Glace throughout, and substituted the green sail for a white sail. Other than that, I followed the pattern for the smallest size (6-12 mo.) and voila!

 In other fishy news, check out this chicken breast we grilled up last night. Does it remind you of something? I heard my husband on the back patio (where the grill is) exclaiming, "It's a fish!" I was in the kitchen thinking he needed new contacts or possibly some medication, because I gave him chicken to grill up. He proudly came in the house, like a new papa, showing off his chicken breast that actually did look like a fish. A smiling one at that. Posted by Picasa

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