Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sorry, no pics...

I don't like posting without pictures, but it's been raining here for the last two days and I can't seem to get good lighting. I've made decent progress on Ms. Marigold, in spite of an error in the pattern which I reported. I also got the yarn for the drawstring bag I'm making for the wedding. It is crocheted, so it serves as a nice break from knitting when I get bored of stockinette!

The rain had started to depress me, but then I got word from my Secret Pal that something's in the mail! Woo hoo! And my Secret Pal is the queen of obscure "holidays" - who knew that today is Sea Turtle Day? It's fitting, though, because this morning I was researching trips to Hawaii. Am I being spied on?

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trek said...

Psst - over here...I see you!

~Your Secret Spy, I mean, Pal