Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Out with the old...

...in with the new! Our new deluxe high-efficiency washer showed up yesterday, and boy is it a huge upgrade from our scrappy one. Check out all the buttons! I love buttons!

After moving from Texas to California to Oregon over the course of 2 years, our old washer got really jacked up. It would get so off balance that the entire thing would shake violently and make horrible noises, as if we had some hostage in the room and s/he was trying to break the shackles. Last week, it got so bad that the lid was popping up during the spin cycle. The time had come.

The new kid was the only top-loading HE that we saw at Sears. Since our laundry room is pretty small and the door is right in front of where the washer goes, I didn't want to deal with a front-loading washer.

This puppy is so weird - there's no agitator, but it somehow manages to turn the clothes around. I know this, because the lid is glass and we watched the entire process! It makes a lot of strange (but quiet) robotic noises, and now the loudest sound coming from the laundry room is the water. I'm a happy little homemaker. :)  Posted by Picasa

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