Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ew, that STINKS!

Yeah, the picture quality sucks because it's from my camera phone, but it was all I had. We spent Saturday afternoon in Cannon Beach, which turned out to be a really nice day.


I'd heard that some purple jellyfish were washing up on the beach and I really wanted to see them, since jellyfish are one of my favorite animals. Well, I neglected to figure that washed up sea creatures + 70 degree weather = nasty stink! Boy, it was ripe I tell ya.

I even came home with some yarn from the newly opened Coastal Yarns (it's in the same location as the previous yarn store in Cannon Beach). I bought six balls of Frog Tree Pima Silk, but I don't have a pic because the camera is in Raleigh, NC.

I knit up a swatch and discovered that this stuff's super splitty. Not the best choice for lace patterns, particularly when you're trying to k3tog - good luck getting the needle through all the strands...

So, I decided to whip out the Gedifra Fifty-Fifty I bought on eBay eons ago, to make Wicker from Rowan 37. I've only done the first two rows of ribs, but I'm thinking of running two cables along the front panels instead of the leather string.

I also finished (mostly) the Apricot Jacket from Rebecca. Since mine's Rowan ASC in Iceberg, I suppose I should call it the Iceberg Jacket. I wanted to pick out the buttons before I crochet up the button holes (so I know how big I need to make them). So, it's not 100% complete, but close enough. Again, no piccy since the camera ain't here. Posted by Picasa

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