Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why doesn't it look like the one in the book?

I know there have been some discussions, particularly on the Knitter's Review forums, about substitute yarn for Ene's Scarf. I did the research myself before starting on this. Now, since I didn't use the original yarn, and given my limited knowledge of how specific fibers bloom over time, I don't know if this thing will eventually lay flat and look a little more... how do you say... polished?

It seems to look puffy, and the stitches look wrinkly. I'm hoping that a dunk in some water will even out the stitches, and a light press will smooth out the puffiness. As you can see in the second pic, I'm having to hold down the edge stitches because they're curling.

Ene's Scarf is chuggin' along!
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closeup of Ene's
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Aside from my feverish knitting, I have been spending time trying to "get to know Portland". I still can't believe I live here. I keep thinking this is just a visit to the in-law's that keeps going...and going...and going...

Well, at least we are under contract on a house. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We're supposed to move Thanksgiving week, which seems like an eternity, so I'm not terribly excited just yet. Once things get closer, I'll start to feel like it's more real.

Since we don't know anyone (our age) here in Portland, I've been having a hard time finding those little hidden gems that I know exist here. We don't live in the "cool" parts of town, so I've turned to lurking around other Portland bloggers to see where they hang out. Not to stalk them, but just to hear about cool places, yarn stores and otherwise.

I think that once we settle into our own house, and get our lives in normal working order, I'll try to get out to the yarn stores and try to meet people. So totally not what I would normally do, so we'll have to see if it ever happens. Hey, I'm from the Bay Area - we're just not that social.

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