Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two for the price of one

Can you believe it - two posts in one day! I was so excited to find a package of yarn on the doorstep today. I just had to share!

As you probably don't recall, earlier in the year I received two beefy skeins from, sent to me by my (then) Secret Pal. I ended up knitting a small rug, slightly felted, that sits at my bedside. Well, it did when I used to have a home. Anyhow, I should really get around to taking a pic of it because it's really cute.

I've always meant to place an order from this place, which does all hand dyed yarn in an amazing assortment of colors, at even more amazing prices. I finally got around to it, and I just love what I got! Definitely worth the 2.5 week wait (it came from Uruguay).

Top: Ejido 160 in Robles, Handspun Bulky in Triple Azul; Bottom: Merino Wool Bulky in Cooper, Ejido 160 in Picnic, Colonia 140 in Cinnabar
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These will likely become scarves - yes, more freakin' scarves - or other small projects. I purposely ordered onesies so that I can get a feel for the different yarns and how true their colors are, since I've never ordered from them before. After my little "taste test", if I like it enough, I'll see about ordering enough to make a great rustic looking winter sweater. Okay, gotta go squish my fingers into these skeins!!

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Have you knit anything with either the Ejido 160 or the Colonia 140? I'm so curious! Are they soft?