Thursday, July 14, 2005

Think small...

Since moving from our (relatively) BIG Texas house to our tiny California duplex, I've learned the fine art of downsizing. As a person who cherises uncluttered space and organization, this was really a challenge here. How do you fit an entire house into a duplex half the size?

I became very fond of the Container Store. They helped with big problems such as the lack of a pantry in the kitchen (solution: InterMetro industrial shelving). But most of the containers were more function, less aesthetics.

After making my first French Market bag to hold a good amount of yarn by my side while I sat on the sofa, I thought 'this thing is really useful AND cute!' I felted another piece, a bowl to hold candy, but I can't remember where I got the pattern.

That was all last year. Fast forward to yesterday, when I was out in the yard checking on the status of our cherry tomatoes and blueberries. Earlier in the season, I'd only been getting 1 or 2 fruits every couple of days. Imagine my surprise yesterday, when I came back in the house with a handful of tomatoes and my shorts pocket stuffed with fruit as well!

Sure, I could use a plastic bowl or something, but I immediately thought of the French Market bag. After all, it was born to hold nature's bounty. One problem, though - it was waaaay too big for the job. I only needed a bag about half the size. So what did I do? Yup. I halved the recipe.

This version is so freakin' cute I jotted down what I did exactly so that I could make more just like it. Not now, but maybe in another year when I'm in need of a container.

Mini FM bag, under the blueberries
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Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted, Autumn Harvest (MC) and Grey Heather (CC)
Needles: US #8
Finished Size: body height - 3.5”, handle height - 4” (total height - 7.5"), body circumference - 26”


kweaver said...

Cute bag!

Are you going to make anything out of the blueberries?

Mom in law said...

Darling bag...I want one! Birthday Sept 7th...perfect for picking Oregon blueberries, Saturday Farmer's Market...PS I love Orange, Red or you Mom-in-law

Jan said...

Well, who knew this bag would instigate the most comments I've ever gotten?! As cute as it is, I've now realized that the long mohair strands in the Lamb's Pride gets all over my lovely berries and tomatoes. Shall I sew in a liner? The tomatoes are about half done with their harvest, and the blueberries have only just begun. So far, not enough berries to do much with them except pop 'em in yer mouth and enjoy a little burst of antioxidants!