Sunday, April 03, 2005

Trumped again!

My older sister has a tendency to always out-do me when it comes to gift-giving. Somehow, she always finds the most perfect thing for someone and/or she'll do it better.

Take this cake for instance. This work of art is what she brought over to my parent's house for my Mom's birthday. Boy, was I glad I didn't show up with my sad-looking (comparatively) loaf of lemon pound cake.

Ma's super fancy shmancy birthday cake
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Glazed lemon pound cake, from the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine
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I've finally gotten over my fear of the sewing machine. I hemmed a pair of corduroy pants and it gave me confidence to try out other things. I bought this purse kit at the fabric store and was sort of disappointed with how little sewing there was to do. But, the finished product is pretty cute. I will probably add some beads or something to give it pizzazz.

Satin evening bag kit from Jo-Ann fabrics
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In addition to the awesome lemond pound cake recipe in the latest MS Living magazine, there is an article on sewing accents on things such as linens and even stationery. I thought stitched stationery was a cool idea and didn't require much commitment - you could mess up and not feel too bad about throwing the paper in the recycling bin.

Here is a little envelope/pouch I stitched up for a yarn label. I like to include the labels with my handknit gifts so the recipient knows what their item is made of, and how to take care of it.

Stitched yarn label pouch
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Lastly, here's a sachet I whipped up for my Mom's birthday - but I forgot to give it to her!

Lavender filled sachet, knit in KnitPicks Merino Style yarn in color Honey, pattern from Knitter's Bible
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