Saturday, February 12, 2005


Today I received a presie from my secret pal! Here are all the goodies that were inside:

The CD I've been wanting for like, ever; two balls of yummy blue wool/alpaca yarn; two fun Sanrio pencils; and a sweet stationery set!
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Soooo stoked about all of this - here I thought I'd get one, maybe two, balls of yarn and nice note. This is fabulous! I don't get it, though - how is it that someone who's never met me is able to send me a gift full of stuff I love, when some of my own family members manage to baffle me with their gift choices? Weird.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, SP! :)

I also want to show y'all (oops, residual "y'all" from Texas) the booty I picked up from yesterday's Stitches West convention. Gorgeous hand-dyed yarns everywhere, most of it waaay out of my price range. But I couldn't resist these two:

L: Oak Grove 100% silk yarn from Putney, VT in colorway "Desert"; R: Brooks Farm "Four Play", 50% wool/50% silk yarn from Lancaster, TX
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Both are super-soft, especially the silk yarn. I debated getting it because it knits up on US 5s and we all know how I feel about slow-progressing projects. But after passing by their booth, oh, about 5 times I finally decided I had to have it.

Another item I couldn't resist was this pendant necklace. The flower is carved abalone shell and it's hung on a silk tube cord. There were so many color combinations that it took me forever to decide, but I eventually went with this one because I thought it might go with the top I got for my birthday dinner next week.

Shell flower pendant on silk cord from San Francisco (sorry, don't have the business card handy)
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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you received it all ok, and that you like it :) I have your next package in the works already :)

Btw, that shell necklace is gorgeous!

your secret pal