Monday, August 14, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely

My wrists are killing me today, in spite of wearing my supports while knitting. So, I'm laying off basically everything and hoping they will recover by tomorrow. It sucks to just sit here, and I of course have to keep this post short.

The good news is that I finished the Dolly Bag, and it's super cute. I'm going to sew in a fabric liner when I feel a little better. I learned that I hate making bobbles, particularly with a stiff cotton like this. I omitted them from the top of the ribbing. It would have been bobble overkill anyway.

And here's the evil contraption that I think largely contributed to the painful wrists. We got this PSP so that I can play games on the plane to/from Hawaii, and also we just like the latest gizmos. I have a Nintendo DS, but the PSP has better games. Problem is, it weighs a ton. I tried it out last night (while Mikey was on the PS2), and today I wake up with sore wrists.  

Ok, so it's possible that knitting could have done it. I worked on the Short Row rib scarf as well, and here's how far just under 1 ball got me. I'll definitely need a third ball of yarn.

Ack! So much for a short post. Posted by Picasa


Wendy DG said...

The Dolly Bag is SO cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great - feel better soon!

~Your Secret Pal