Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Ok, so it's not until tomorrow, but we've been playing with our new toy for a few days now. Boy, is it a whole lot faster than making french press coffee! Push a button and a few seconds later, it's caffeine bliss.

Our Solis Master 5000 Digital has become a member of the family. We greet "Mrs. Solis" every time we pass by her coffee bar area, complete with Starbucks vanilla syrup. I know true coffee lovers aren't supposed to like syrups, but I can't help it!

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Steven said...

Nice machine! I've seen those fully automatic machines at Kitchen Kaboodle, but haven't actually used one. It sounds like you guys like it a lot.

We use a Rancillio Silvia with a Rancillio Rocky grinder (without doser).

You have coffee roasting listed as a hobby. Do you get your beans from someone local? I've tried beans from the Hawthorne Coffee Merchant, but have been most happy with the beans from Sweet Marias. Of course, I'd prefer to buy from someone local. The coffee just isn't as good though.

I noticed that you do a lot of knitting. I'm so impressed by people who can knit well. A friend of mine and I tried it out last winter and it was a bit frustrating. I have a gift cert for Mabel's that I still haven't used. :-(