Monday, August 08, 2005

A toucan exploded on my yarn

Yesterday I dyed some Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks with Kool Aid. Though fun and yummy smelling, the result was something only a hippy would appreciate. Hmm, Santa Cruz is just over the hill...

Soaking the yarn (looks like spaghetti!) in hot water with some Wool Mix
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I dissolved two packets of each flavor in about 3 tablespoons of hot water, then used a turkey baster to apply the colors (rinsing out between colors). I originally wanted only the pink, yellow, and green, but I ran out of color before I got to the end, so I had to use the blue to fill in the rest.

Soarin' Strawberry Lemonade, Lemonade, Lemon-Lime, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade
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It smells great, but good lord... what am I supposed to do with something this hideous?!

Hung out to dry
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Mom in law said...

Your favorite fan...good lord girl..that is some interesting yarn..what in the world are you going to do with it?? Reminds me of the 60's...but of course my hippy days were quite conservative..(Utah hippy..yes, some of us actually called ourselves hippies..but we were very unlike the rest of the world..pretty naive!:)
So...I will be interested in the end result of this experiment.