Saturday, April 30, 2005

Indecision bliss

Well, I pretty much finished a cardigan I had been working on. I got to the very end, where it calls for scallop-edge crochet detail. I didn't get very far before my wrist started acting up. For some reason, when I crochet, my wrist cracks and I end up getting carpal tunnel. So there's a UFO on my side table. Waahhh!!

As I sat there wondering what to do next, I saw a yummy looking throw in The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits. Basically, it consists of knitting a single row of various yarns. At the beginning and end of each row, I've been knotting together the ends to secure and create fringe. This project sounded perfect, since I couldn't decide what yarn I wanted to work with.

I made a trip to my stash closet, and laid out all candidates. It appeared I had a lot of yarns in the green/brown category. I grouped together the "finalists" and started knitting! I've been picking a different yarn for each row, and deciding them as I go along. Here's what I have so far:

WIP - Design your own throw!
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If anyone's interested, here's the list of yarns used (so far):
*Classic Elite Waterspun in Olive
*Lambs Pride Worsted in Old Sage
*Bernat Cameo in Aqua Heather
*GGH Soft Kid in 67 Dark Brown
*Crystal Palace Merino Frappe in 20B New Sage
*GGH Relax in Olive
*Elsebeth Lavold Angora in 15 Bronzed Green
*Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in 113 Russett
*Great Adirondack Softy in 113 Pheasant
*South West Trading Company Fur Real in Bear Cub
*K1C2 2nd Time Cotton in 772 Scottish Moor
*Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe in 4668
*King Yarns Kiss in 504
*a few mystery yarns that I purchased back in Texas, one of which looks like Muench's Touch Me

More yarns will likely be added as I find other scraps in my stash!

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I am so happy to finaly find out who my SP is. You were a terrific and very generous SP. Thanks!! I will be back regularly to read your blog! Your new friend Bernadette