Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My first mitten

It's been raining here for several days, so as I sat wondering what to do with the yarn I received from my SP, I thought it was time to finally try a mitten or a glove. I referred to the article in Interweave Knits Winter 2003 issue for help, and came up with a custom-fit fingerless mitten (we don't want to rush into things by doing fingers, now do we?):

Fingerless mitten with fur cuff in Bernat Cameo and Crystal Palace Whisper
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I added the fur cuff because it seemed plain, and because I had two balls of Whisper sitting in my stash. It's actually a cream color, not pure white as it might seem in the photo. This gives it a softer look overall.

I used the suggested size US 7 needles for the Cameo, and crochet hook size F for the Whisper (two strands held together for a thicker fluff). I originally didn't think I could do this because I don't have dpns in size 7, BUT I do have in size 7: 16" circs, Denise needles, and straights. What I did was divide the stitches into groups using only the circs and Denise needles (just the tips, no cord attached. For every group of stitches I was about to knit, I slippped the stitches over to the straight needle and used whatever needle I just slipped them from to knit the stitches.

Now that I have one mitten down, I'm debating whether to jump right into the next one. We're heading for Napa/Sonoma tomorrow and I prefer to travel with projects that don't involve several needles or complicated instructions. We'll be stopping in the city (that's San Francisco for all of you not from Northern California), so I might find a kit or something there. I've never been to any of the yarn stores in SF, so I'm curious to see if the prices will be inflated. But it's my birthday, so if ever there was a day to splurge, this would be it!

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