Thursday, January 20, 2005

I hit the yarn motherload

A few years ago, when I first started looking for inexpensive yarn on eBay, you could get some really sweet deals. I've noticed that it has become harder and harder to buy cheap yarn in general, but I still check eBay on a regular basis.

I'm still surprised when I see the prices on some of the yarn out there, and I get really giddy when I stumble across a good sale. So over the weekend, I noticed that there are quite a few good auctions listed on eBay these days (post holiday, back to work, gotta pay bills, I assume?).

One of my favorite eBay sellers, who still manages to start her auctions at VERY low prices, had a bunch of auctions up for grabs. What a pleasant surprise to learn that I won three of the auctions I bid on! I think on at least one of them, I bid within the last ten minutes (when the little pop-up window warns you). My apologies to the previous high bidder if you felt that I "sniped" your auction. It was a last minute impulse buy, I swear!

So here's what I managed to add to my already GIANT stash:

6 balls of Lang twin color in blue/cream twist with a bit of shimmery sheen. I'm thinking tank top for the summer... Posted by Hello

9 balls of Lang Eve in dark blue/light blue twist. No clue what to do with this. Posted by Hello

9 balls of Lang Fay in butterscotch yellow. It has a really interesting construction, and it's super duper soft. I'm going to try and do a spring cardigan with this. Posted by Hello

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The Mom in Law said...

Butterscotch yellow is a favorite color of about your first commissioned piece? Interested? I followed your instructions and now your "blog" is in my favorites. I like the idea of a McCune blog...Krista has recently been challenged to participate in the wellness program at her work. As part of the program, she has to journal everyday about what she ate, how she felt, her exercise, etc. You can well imagine the conversation she and I had about the how much pain she will incur as she sets about this task. There are some people in life who like to journal, then there are others who prefer "conversation". Hmmmm..can you guess which category Krista and I fall into? A blog is like a conversation and much more interactive than a journal...maybe she could ramble on the McCune blog then cut and paste into her wellness journal.
Well, I promise not to be a pest on this blog but it is I love the pictures. Blogs are like having a virtual coffee klatch! :)
Think about the comissioned art!